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What people are saying:



I felt a jolt of energy run through my body, and the muscle pain was gone after one session. 
Thank you so much for introducing me to Reiki.

J.C., Miami


In 15 minutes, my migraine was gone, just like that.  Amazing!

D.S., Tampa

IET was very relaxing and hard to describe.
The next day, I had a breakthrough with my psychologist that cut six months off my therapy!

C.C., New York


I felt very relaxed, like no time had passed, even though I had been on the table for over an hour.
I could never de-stress like that at home.

J.R.., Boulder

We loved your class. The energy in the room was so powerful. Reiki is such a gift.  Thank you.  

C.S. and D.A., Boca Raton


Learning Reiki has given my kids a real boost of self-confidence.
And, their parents and grandparents are very happy recipients of treatments.

B.P., Houston


The results have been astounding...ending an oppression  I have felt my entire life.

T. T., Denver


I love the relaxed, loving, clear atmosphere that Elizabeth creates in class.

I leave feeling well instructed and  extremely motivated. 

M.G., Longmont


You don't know how accurate your readings are! You validated everything I've been feeling.

J. Y., Ft. Lauderdale